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    Media-Tech Expo
Date: May30 - June 1
Place: Frankfurt, Germany
Website: www.media-tech.net
No-one in the industry should need telling about the Frankfurt show - this is the big equipment one for Europe. Nearly 100 exhibitors signed up so far with the expectation of seeing a quantity of BD and HD DVD manufacturing equipment and materials with a few sales announcements.
Five months is a long time in this industry at the moment, so will all those names signed up still exist by May?
No conference, but a number of manufacturer-led workshops will continue to inform.
So will the industry have got some of its business confidence back by June? The best confidence barometer will be the number and the size of the Parties.

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Date: March 9-11
Place: Hannover, Germany

Just about the biggest technology trade show worldwide with nearly 6300 stands (double COMDEX's) 
    Very much a venue for business technology but also with a big showing of what's strong in the entertainment technology markets.  
    Good for seeing the media manufacturing business in terms of the overall developments in technologies and seeing what's coming next.







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Date: April 3 -7
Place: Cannes, France
Website: www.milia.com
  If you want to see what’s happening in the content market across Europe, you could do a lot worse that hit MILIA/ MIPTV. Apart from enjoying the sunshine and pleasantries of Cannes, these two events cover the whole range of digital media and audiovisual content on disc, on the internet, on mobiles and on interactive TV, plus a wide-ranging conference schedule.


Date: Feb 23 - 24
Place: Tokyo, Japan
Website: www.dvdforum.org
The Forum's annual Tokyo one day General Meeting will no doubt focus on DVD's progress over the last year and track the fortunes of HD DVD. It will, as usual, be followed by a one-day workshop.